With our affiliate program, our loyal investors will have the opportunity to make some extra gains from our program by inviting friends, colleagues and family / relatives to invest with us.

We offer you a three tier system of affiliate rewards: 10%, 3% and 1%.

We have a very interesting affiliate program. Our investors, in addition to earning from their own investments, will be able to make more money helping other people win as well! In a very simple way:
No matter what your plan is, even if it is "Like a Trainee", you can earn 10% of the total invested by a friend, relative, colleague, who, for example, invest in a "Like a Boss" or "Like a Pro" plan. Even for strangers, if you have your own means of disclosure, through your referral link.

All deposits that your referrals make will yield you a 10% commission; in addition, the deposits of those referred by your referrals will give you + 3% and, even in the third level of indication, you will gain another 1%. You will earn up to 14% commission! (10% + 3% + 1%)!

The world is too different today.
Together, we can!

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