We do not tire of saying: The world is very different nowadays.

That's why we offer our investor partners the best investment plans, more profitable than any other investment company or traditional bank, for one simple reason: They practice the win-lose, because they offer very low rates and can raise a lot in countries such as the BRICS, with very high rates of income and inflation, as well as physical investments that multiply their funds (their income, not yours).

We understand that the collaborative economy is the future and we are here inviting you to make the future with us! We understand that there is no more need to be a financial empire, like the big conglomerates, so we opted for the style we call collaborative win-win fintech, where we work and win. Our plans are realistic with effective strategies implemented. Succeed Day is a global financial company operating in the Criptomoeda, Investment Banking, Corporate Credit, Sales and Trading, Asset Management and Asset Management markets. We combine our market expertise with the practicality of the digital environment, reaffirming our DNA of excellence in investment management.

Please, take a little time and examine our investment plans, which were created with all the care and dedication, thinking about the reality of people, from the smallest investor, who fondly call them Trainee to those who are already or intend to arrive very soon to the top, that we gave the suggestive nickname of Big Boss. Find below one of the profiles that more closely matches "Like a You"!

  • $20.00Minimum Amount
  • $99.99Maximum Amount
  • $100.00Minimum Amount
  • $599.99Maximum Amount
  • $600.00Minimum Amount
  • $1,499.99Maximum Amount
  • $1,500.00Minimum Amount
  • $3,499.99Maximum Amount
  • $3,500.00Minimum Amount
  • $6,999.99Maximum Amount
  • $7,000.00Minimum Amount
  • $49,999.99Maximum Amount

>> No annual fee.

>> $150 online cash rewards bonus after you spend at least $500 on purchases in the first 90 days of account opening.

>> Earn 1% cash back on every purchase, 2% at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 3% on gas for the first $2,500 in combined grocery/wholesale club/gas purchases each quarter.

>> No changing categories and no expiration on rewards.

>> 0% Introductory APR for 12 billing cycles for purchases and for any balance transfers made in the first 60 days, then, 14.49% - 24.49% Variable APR. 3% fee (min $10) applies to balance transfers Get a 10% customer bonus every time you redeem your cash back into a Bit Together® Platinum Card checking or savings account.

>> If you're a Preferred Rewards client, you can increase that bonus to 25% - 75%.

>> Easily add your Bit Together Mastercard® credit card to any digital wallet for a simple, secure, and convenient way to pay online, in-app, and in-store.
*Available to investors from plans "Like a Boss" and "Like a Big Boss" .

The world is too different today.
Together, we can!

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